My hair in an updooo

My nails!


I’m in band I’m a senior and this guy that’s older and very experienced said this “stay hungry.” No not food wise but never settle never be satisfied with something you know you can do better! I love this it’s two words and they have made such in impact to me and I just heard it today. Crazy.

Like a 13oss “boss” class of 2013 counting down the days till I become a young adult in the world! Things to look forward to grad bash, band trip to DC, then last day of school may 21 st then graduating on the 3rd of June then my grad cruise the 8th lots to do in 4 months!

New year!?!

New year so far haven’t kissed any one….got new bras, and oh ya still alone taking applications now for that spot they only have one or five questions
1. Your name.
2. Tan or mixed?
3. Do you like to dance?
4. Mexican food?
5. Are you cute? I rate this upon first look ;)

That’s all it takes lol me and my friend Sarah were debating putting are ads of Craigslist but to many creeps lol :)

God you never know when to fucking stop. It’s going to be a long week maybe tomorrow me and my damn self with the company of my iPad will be sitting at Starbucks with a latte and some angry bird for a few hours